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When to use Custom Mesh?

Reinforcing steel mesh is typically made of steel wire which is then welded together. 

The mesh, when added to concrete provides additional strength and support, which helps to prevent it from cracking. 

It’s very similar to the way regular reinforcing steel bar is used to add strength to concrete structures.

Steel mesh usually comes in pre-cut sizes, but this isn’t always suitable, especially when a large number of sheets need to be cut into various sizes. 

In this case, the sheets can be cut and fabricated to fit the specific needs of the project using custom mesh before it arrives on-site, this saves the time required to cut and bend mesh during construction.

The engineer determines the specifications of the steel reinforcing, but the site team will then determine if it’s more economical to use custom mesh or standard steel mesh sheets.

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Reinforcing Steel Mesh

Reinforcing steel mesh is a crucial element in concrete construction. 

While it is not possible to prevent cracks in concrete, the addition of concrete reinforcing steel mesh decreases the probability of cracks due to the uniform steel distribution and the resulting strength in the structure. Concrete reinforcing mesh enhances the structural integrity of concrete by providing additional strength and minimising the risk of cracks.

The ribs in the mesh hold onto the concrete to allow for proper bonding and prevent movement. 

Steel mesh is supplied in prefabricated large sheets which makes it quicker and easier to install than reinforcing steel bar.

This in turn translates into savings in both costs and time in construction projects. 

The most common types of reinforcing mesh are:

  • Square Mesh – Made from ribbed steel wire that is welded together, the square mesh spacings are equal in both directions. It is widely used in many modern concrete structures, bridges, highways, housing etc. 
  • Rectangular Mesh – It has unequal wire spacings to form a rectangular shape. It is usually used to reinforce walls and floor slabs where the concrete requires more strength. 
  • Trench Mesh – Long and narrow and ideal for trenches, brick walls, paths, footings etc. 
  • Ute-Sized Mesh – A special reinforcing steel mesh made in a smaller size of 4m x 2m. It is used in pavements, driveways, small slabs etc. This makes it the first choice of DIY builders and small contractors. 

Custom Mesh

Though reinforcing steel mesh comes in various sizes, it may not be the most economical option when it comes to large-scale construction projects with a specific requirement or projects with unusually shaped structures. For such situations, builders often prefer to use custom mesh and have their steel prefabricated, cut and bent according to their specifications. 

Once the production is complete, the mesh sheets are transported to the construction site, ready for site preparations.

Why Use Custom Mesh?

The manufacturing of custom mesh allows for the fabrication of any shape and size by your supplier prior to delivery removing the need for on-site construction work. 

The project can continue as planned with a majority of the steel fabrication happening off-site at your reinforcing steel supplier’s facilities.


Custom mesh is a reinforcing steel mesh that is cut to an engineer’s specifications, it’s cut and bent to shape off-site and then transported to the worksite which allows construction to proceed without being disrupted and creates faster, more cost-efficient building projects. 

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