Steel Reinforcing Bar Suppliers

We cut and bend steel reinforcing bar from the simplest shape through to complex three-dimensional designs. Our highly skilled and experienced production team have a wealth of knowledge gained over many years along with a passion for producing quality product to meet your needs.

As specialist steel reinforcing bar suppliers, our production team are dedicated to delivering a quality product, safely and efficiently and working hard to make our customers happy. We are proud that our team has supplied such a wide range of projects, from the smallest retaining wall, through to Wind Farms and marquee projects like the Jewel Towers on the Gold Coast.

If you are a Designer or Engineer, why not talk to us about design innovations as we may be able to help you re-think some aspects of your steel reinforcing design resulting in an easier shape to manufacture, easier to assemble or install and therefore kinder to your bottom line!

For a technical or design discussion, submit an enquiry via our contact page.