Bottom Deck Chairs

The bottom deck chairs are used as an alternative to traditional wire chairs and concrete blocks. Bottom deck chairs save a lot of time in steel fixing and shuttering during horizontal construction applications.

They are typically used for suspended slabs or on-ground slab applications. They provide excellent support to the bottom layer of both mesh and large reinforcing bars in suspended decks, precast beams, panels and tilt-up applications. 

Deformed reinforcing bar

Benefits Of Bottom Deck Chairs

Why Bottom Deck Chairs Are So Effective

Bottom Deck Chairs have five small dimple-like features that provide minimum exposure on suspended and precast elements. The dimples also enable tie wires to be placed under the spacer for securing reo bar too.

They come in dual heights and do not rust as they are made from high-quality plastics. Bottom deck chairs have no clipping mechanism, and therefore fit all regular steel reinforcing bar sizes.