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Galvanised Reinforcing Bar

If your next project requires something tougher than steel, galvanised bar could be the solution. Galvanised bar is used in construction projects that require steel reinforcing to resist corrosion and make it more durable.

Typically, this includes projects where steel reinforcing is exposed to environmental factors that might accelerate corrosion on a regular steel bar, like areas with higher salt levels. Otherwise, galvanised bar is used when added durability is called for.

At Neumann Steel, our expertise in manufacturing and supplying certified concrete reinforcing steel products and related accessories puts us ahead of the rest. We understand the best applications for galvanised rebar or galvanised steel and can work with you to ensure you have the right solution.

Read on to determine whether galvanised bar is the best product for your next project.

galvanised bar

How are galvanised steel bars made?

So, what is galvanised steel bar, and how is it made? Bare steel reinforcement bars rely on the surrounding concrete of their structures to protect them from the elements, but it’s not always effective. Having galvanised steel with a zinc coating gives an added layer of protection, which is done through a chemical process.

The two most common methods for making galvanised bar are continuous galvanising and the hot dip process, typically used at Neumann Steel.

The hot-dipped galvanised steel process involves submerging carbon steel into molten zinc, usually at around 360 degrees Celsius. As the carbon steel is removed from the molten zinc, it’s cooled, creating a reaction with the oxygen. This reaction then creates an iron-zinc alloy bond where the zinc becomes one with the steel bar.

Alternatively, the continuous galvanising process means the zinc coating is applied to a steel ribbon as it passes quickly through a zinc bath. Once the steel has emerged from the zinc bath, it has a layer of molten zinc on it. This is then removed using high-pressure air, allowing the thickness to be adjusted. As with hot dipping, it’s then cooled and formed.

Regardless of the method used to galvanise, countless benefits give it an advantage over bare steel.

The benefits of galvanised steel bar

As a more durable solution, a galvanised bar offers many unique advantages. Consider how this type of steel reinforcement could assist your next construction project.

Highly resistant to corrosion

Powerful resistance to chloride salt attacks

Bars cannot be affected by concrete carbonation

Bars can be cut and bent after galvanising

Resists corrosion and prevents undercutting of the coating, meaning any corrosion risk only occurs to the exposed steel

Common uses for a galvanised flat bar

A galvanised flat bar is a rectangular-shaped steel bar used in construction, fabrication, and manufacturing. As galvanised rebar is rated to the same strength as regular black reinforcing bars, the two can be used interchangeably.

This versatile product is used for all kinds of applications, including:

Structural: Construction projects commonly use flat bars for supports, frames, reinforcements, and braces, including interior and exterior applications.

Manufacturing and fabrication: Various metal products and components — including hinges, connectors, and flanges — utilise flat bars for added strength and resistance from corrosion.

Support beams: Additional support from galvanised flat bars is possible in applications such as storage racks, industrial structures, and shelving.

Ramps, stairs, and walkways: These bars create sturdier and more reliable walkways, ramps, stairs, and grating systems. As the bars are welded or bolted together, they can withstand heavier loads while preventing corrosion.

DIY projects: Galvanised flat bars are used around the home, including metalwork, custom fabrication, and various home improvement projects.

At Neumann Steel, we can help you determine the best use for galvanised bars, improving the durability of your next project. Using flat bars depending on the regulations and requirements of each project and industry, our team of experts can provide you with guidance.

Neumann Steel and galvanised bar solutions

Neumann Steel is proud to be one of Australia’s leading steel manufacturers with expert knowledge of galvanised steel. As a 100% Australian-owned and operated business, we take pride in delivering the right solutions with a commitment to quality and customer service.

Our team can help with the manufacturing and supply of Australian-certified steel products, including galvanised bars.  For a technical or design discussion, submit an enquiry via our contact page.

Projects using Galvanised Reinforcing Bar

HOTA Gallery- Round Reinforcing Steel Bar

HOTA Gallery, Surfers Paradise

Supplied 3.85T of Galvanised Deformed Bar

Magnoli Apartments- Projects using Concrete Spacer Block

Magnoli Apartments, Palm Beach

Supplied 11.68T of Galvanised Deformed Bar

120 Marine Pde Southport- Projects using Round Reinforcing Bar

120 Marine Pde, Southport

1.6T of Galvanised Deformed Bar, the total job included 4,000T of reo

brisbane airport runway

BNE Airport Runway Project

2.17T of Galvanised Deformed Bar

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