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What is Steel Reinforcing Mesh and What is it Used For?

Steel Reinforcing Mesh is a staple of any construction site, particularly in residential and industrial projects. This mesh is not just a grid of wires; it’s a robust material designed to reinforce concrete structures, making them more durable and long-lasting. It is also frequently used in the construction of footpaths and ground slabs, enhancing the strength and durability of the concrete. The steel mesh has a ribbed surface, allowing it to bond more effectively with the concrete and prevent unwanted movement over time.

Why Choose Steel Reinforcing Mesh?

Steel reinforcing mesh offers several compelling reasons for its selection in construction projects. Firstly, it brings a crucial element of strength to concrete structures, bolstering their tensile capabilities and ensuring structural integrity. It significantly contributes to the durability of the construction and extends the overall lifespan of the project. Its versatility is another notable advantage, making it suitable for a broad spectrum of applications, from residential buildings to large-scale industrial projects, making it a valuable asset for various construction needs.

How is Steel Reinforcing Mesh Made?

The manufacturing process of steel reinforcing mesh involves several steps:

– Raw Material: High-quality steel rods are used as the starting material.

– Cutting and Straightening: The steel rods are cut and straightened.

– Welding: The straightened rods are then welded together to form a grid.

– Finishing: The mesh undergoes treatments like hot-dipped galvanising to enhance its durability.

What Are the Different Types of Steel Reinforcing Mesh?

There are various types of steel reinforcing mesh, each serving a specific purpose:


Steel Reinforcing Mesh


Trench Mesh


Galvanised Mesh


Ute Size Mesh


Custom Mesh


Drawn Wire

Trench Mesh serves as the perfect solution for residential footing trenches, ensuring stability and reliability in construction. Galvanised Mesh is treated with a protective zinc coating, enhancing its durability and resistance to corrosion. Ute Size Mesh is designed to be conveniently sized for easy transport in a ute, streamlining logistics on construction sites.

Custom Mesh is tailored to meet the distinct requirements of individual projects, offering a versatile and adaptable construction solution. Meanwhile, Drawn Wire’s suitability for a variety of applications makes it a valuable resource across multiple construction scenarios, providing flexibility and utility in the field.

Steel Reinforcing Mesh

Ground slabs

Precast concrete panel construction

Pre-welded and ready to use

Stock sheets available for quick pickup and delivery

Why Choose Neumann Steel Mesh?

As specialist Steel Reinforcing Mesh suppliers, we operate the largest mesh manufacturing facility in Queensland. With four versatile welding lines, we produce large volumes of standard steel mesh, as well as custom components like trench mesh and ute-sized mesh. We pride ourselves on reliable and flexible customer service, tackling jobs that other companies can’t or won’t do. With many years of experience in steel mesh production, we can help you find efficient and safer solutions for your special mesh requirements.

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Ready to make a long-lasting investment in your next project? Choose Neumann Steel for high-quality steel mesh and reinforcing mesh. We’re not just suppliers; we’re your partners in building durable and reliable structures. For enquiries or quotes tailored to your project’s needs, our expert team at Neumann Steel is here to assist you. For a technical or design discussion, submit an enquiry via our contact page.

Product Certification

ACRS certified in accordance with AS/NZS 4671:2019


Projects using Reinforcing Steel Mesh

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Indooroopilly State High School- Projects using Starter Bars

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Stock sheets of Reinforcing Mesh

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