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Lenton Couplers

When your reinforcing bar isn’t long enough, what options do you have? Traditionally, a rebar splice would be used to connect them. However, as a method that only works with specific bar sizes and grades of steel, the innovative alternative of Lenton Couplers was designed. And today, many industries and applications today rely on them for their efficiency and reliability.

These special connectors are used to attach the ends of two reinforcing bars, increasing their length and improving tensile strength. While they’re beneficial in large-scale projects, including construction, their ingenuity is now utilised in many other areas.

Keen to use Lenton Couplers as a connector and want to know more about them? Neumann Steel stocks a range of these parts for your upcoming project. Our helpful team can assist with all your queries. With third-party certification by the ACRS association and all relevant industry standards being met, we can help you source the correct Couplers for the job. Considering Lenton Couplers for your next project? Check out these benefits.

LENTON A12 Standard couplers

Benefits of Lenton Couplers

  • 3rd party certified by ACRS
  • Maximum tensile strength and efficiency
  • End to end rebar joints
  • Fast, reliable and economical
  • Easy to install and use
  • No skilled labour is required
  • Effecient use of material with zero wastage
  • Avoids damage to the formwork

Why Use Lenton Couplers as a Connector?

Although Lenton Couplers are now commonplace, they weren’t always the preferred method for reinforcing and connecting rebars. Instead, two parallel bars were usually overlapped or ‘spliced’ if one needed to increase their length.

A traditional rebar splice allowed the load in one reinforcing bar to transfer to the concrete and into the ongoing bar. This overlap load transfer mechanism meant it could use the steel and concrete bond to reinforce it, adding to its strength.

However, certain factors like the grade of steel, position of the splice, and size of the bars meant that an overlap splice wasn’t always ideal. With potential issues, such as congestion from overlapping and tying rebars reducing the strength of a structure, a better alternative was sought. Lenton Couplers were the solution.

The Couplers splice bars of the same diameter as long as one bar can be freely rotated. With taper threads at both ends, the mechanical butt splice that’s created connects two sections of rebar, increases their length, and offers maximum tensile strength.

Lenton Couplers were initially designed for larger-scale steel works and construction, as these were the most common areas where traditional rebar splicing was unsuitable. Today, they’re preferred for all industries and applications, including column bar slicing and segmental pours.

Toowoomba Second Range Crossing

What are the benefits of using Lenton Couplers?

As the slimmest Couplers on the market for tension and suppression, Lenton is a preferred manufacturer of these connectors. The unique self-aligning taper threaded design of their Couplers offers a range of advantages for the user and the reinforcing bars they’re connecting.

Most importantly, though, they provide maximum tensile strength and efficiency to your rebar, supporting the structural load. And because there’s no overlapping required to connect them, they also make efficient use of the material you’re working with.

Connecting rebar with Lenton Couplers is simple, and they attach quickly and are easy to use, even without skilled labour. They provide an end-to-end rebar joint that won’t damage the formwork and make it especially easy to connect larger sections of rebar.

Better still, they come in various sizes to suit your rebar. If needed, Lenton also designs transition Couplers to suit different size bars. As with everything we provide at Neumann Steel, they’re made to exceed industry standards and are of the highest quality.

Neumann Steel’s Range of Lenton Couplers

Our selection of Lenton Couplers provides all these benefits for your upcoming project. The connectors are designed to suit various sizes and grades of rebar, so you’ll always find something to suit. They include:

Neumann Steel’s selection of Lenton Couplers is compliant with AS/NZS 4671:2019, so you know you’re working to the highest Australian standard. Unsure of what your project requires? Our friendly, expert team is on hand to discuss connectors and why these Couplers are preferred in many industries.

Trust Neumann Steel for Your Couplers

Looking for reliability, increased strength, and ease of use when choosing Couplers? As one of the most trusted options in construction, it’s worth considering Lenton Couplers for your next job. For a technical or design discussion, submit an enquiry via our contact page.

Product Certification
ACRS certified in accordance with AS/NZS 4671:2019
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