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Is Swimming Pool Steel Different To Regular Reinforcing Steel?

For every job out there, there’s a specific type of steel to match. And there’s no exception when it comes to something as important as building a pool. Swimming pool reinforcing bar is one of the most crucial elements of building a reliable, safe, and structurally sound pool, and it’s been specially made for this type of construction.

An adequately built steel pool requires the correct reinforcing steel, and Neumann Steel understands what it takes. If you’re in the process of planning or building a pool, let us help you determine the difference between pool steel and regular steel so you can choose the best fit for the job.

Why Does A Steel Pool Need A Precise Steel?

Before diving into the details of pool steel, we first need to understand the unique requirements of a swimming pool. As a structure built into the ground, builders must account for issues such as cracking, leaking, and earth shifting. It needs a flexible type of rebar that can move with it.

In addition to this, as a structure that holds water, your pool must be capable of withstanding a lot of pressure. And with this much weight, it’s natural for cement to shift. So, the correct rebar is needed for reinforcement.

Considering how innovative pool designs have become, having rebar that can bend easily is another plus. With features like curves, slopes, steps, and other intricate designs, the reinforcing pool steel can conform to all these. The pool builder can cut and bend the rebar on-site, place it in the correct position, and then pour the concrete. Typically, it’s a faster, more economical process.

With a better idea of how swimming pool and regular reinforcing steel compare, you can understand why this specialised option is preferred.

What’s the Difference Between Pool Steel and Regular Reinforcing Steel?

Regular reinforcing steel has many great qualities that ensure its suitability and strength for construction projects. But when it comes to building a pool, it lacks some qualities that swimming pool reinforcing bar has. They include:

 Pool steel is more flexible

 Pool steel can be cut and bent on-site

 Pool steel can speed up the build time of a pool

 Pool steel is more cost-effective to work with



Thanks to these advantages, most pools today are made with D250N steel. And although it’s only half as strong as the comparable D500N steel, that doesn’t mean it’s less structurally sound. In fact, these benefits mean it’s better suited to swimming pool construction.

Regardless of the grade or type of steel you build your pool with, choosing a reputable steel manufacturer and supplier is essential. At Neumann Steel, our selection of swimming pool rebar is made in Australia and compliant with AS/NZS 4671:2019 for your peace of mind.

How to Choose the Right Reinforcing Steel For Your Pool

Selecting the right type of steel for your swimming pool isn’t just choosing the highest grade. For the unique requirements of a steel pool structure, you need something flexible, more accessible to cut and bend on-site, and suited to a pool’s surroundings. At Neumann Steel, we pride ourselves on helping customers get the right steel for the job and manufacture and supply the highest quality rebar. In our selection of swimming pool reinforcing steel, you’ll find the two most common stock sizes of D250N steel:

S12/6: 181 bars per tonne, 6000mm length

S12/9: 120 bars per tonne, 9000mm length

Although D250N is the most common standard pool steel, there are instances when the D500N may be preferred. Factors such as pool shape, size, and surrounding land can impact your decision. Most importantly, you’ll need input from an engineer to determine the grade and quantity of steel required to ensure the structure of your pool is strong enough. Still trying to decide which one you need? Reach out to our team, and we’d be happy to assist.

Ensuring a Quality Build With Neumann Steel

Neumann Steel is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Australian Steel. Over the years, we’ve provided the highest quality reinforcing steel for all shapes and sizes of pools, and we know what’s best for yours.

Do you need advice when it comes to reinforcing steel for your pool project? Contact the experts at Neumann Steel.





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