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Neumann Steel has always encouraged innovation and has contributed significantly to the Steel Reinforcing Industry of Australia.


Neumann Steel introduced to Australia, RIBWIRE® deformed wire, RIBWIRE® Footing Cage System and RIBMESH® deformed wire fabric.

“RIBWIRE” is a cold rolled deformed wire with raised ribs, developed to achieve extremely high concrete bonding characteristics. The process of working the wire, decreasing the diameter and forming the raised ribs increase the yield and ultimate tensile strength to the product.

To compliment the steel reinforcing products, Neumann Steel have a Plastic Injection Moulding department. Numerous innovations have been born in this department in the form of plastic “chairs” designed to support reinforcing steel in the intended position during the placing of concrete.


A recent innovation is the NuPod® void former.  NuPod® is a plastic void former system, that has built-in interlocking spacers, this enables rapid deployment of pods into position and creates a stable system locking itself together.  They can be broken down into modules of various sizes allowing for plumbing and other services, or to create concrete slabs of non-standard design. 

The latest innovation from this department is the NuRail®40-55.  The NuRail®40-55 is a spacer support designed to fill the needs of the Residential Building Industry.  This product provides stable support and correct spacing of reinforcing mesh in the most commonly used Waffle Raft Slab designs.

The use of the NuRail®40-55 enables the builder to place slabs with confidence of achieving compliance with Engineering Specifications.


Continually looking to improve the industry, Neumann Steel encourages innovation with an open-door policy to group discussions, customer feedback and input from team members to develop new and improved products.





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