NuPod is a revolutionary method of creating concrete slabs without the need for traditional polystyrene waffle pod foam void formers or other plastic pod systems.

They’re stackable which means they don’t take up much space on the construction site. In fact, 5 pallets hold enough NuPods to create a 200sqm concrete slab!

Nupod void formers

Benefits of NuPod Void Former System

Why NuPod Void Formers Are So Effective

The key to the NuPod void formers is their patented built-in interlocking spacers, which enables rapid deployment of pods into position and creates a stable system locking itself together.

Individual pods can also be broken down into modules of various sizes to allow for plumbing and other services, or to create concrete slabs of non-standard design.

NuPod is a plastic waffle pod system, removing the need for messy polystyrene onsite, this is ultimately better for the environment. They are produced using 100% Australian recycled plastic, giving recycled plastic a forever home and keeping it out of landfill.

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