Combo 'Clip On' Bar Chairs

Combination clip-on bar chairs are used for holding and providing support to the mesh and steel bar when pouring concrete. They are manufactured from quality recycled materials that are designed to be low cost and durable.

Clip-on bar chairs come in various sizes to suit a variety of requirements. The easy clip-on mechanism allows for ease of installation, making it possible to clip the chair in place before placing the steel.

Combo Clip-on bar chairs

Benefits Of Clip-on Bar Chairs

Why Combination Clip-on Bar Chairs Are So Effective

Combination clip-on bar chairs offer effective positioning of mesh placement with maximum strength to support the structure.

These cone-shaped bar chairs make it quick and easy to ensure your reinforcing steel remains in place, and various height options enable more flexibility for a variety of project types. 

Their stackable design also improves handling for transport and storage and hence makes an ideal choice for construction plans.

Combination Clip-on Bar Chair Specifications

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