Circular Column Spacers

It’s always hard for things to stay upright, even in the best of circumstances. But with a little help from you-know-who, this column just got a whole lot sturdier and less awkward looking thanks to our circular column spacers. These spacers make it easier when you’re pouring concrete because they’ll keep the rebar firmly inside your formwork during the pour.

Wheel spacers provide a minimum concrete cover to vertical steel reinforcement structures such as walls, columns and piers. They are available in a wide range of sizes to suit most concrete cover requirements.

Benefits Of Circular Column Spacers

Why Circular Column Spacers Are So Effective

Circular column spacers are designed in such a way that separates the rebars from the formwork. Its open structure also allows a smooth flow of concrete inside the formwork.

During the stripping of formwork, they leave no trace on the outside of the wall. Most importantly, they clip securely to the rebars and provides maximum stability to vertical structures. Their in-built sleeves also prevent them from slipping or twisting away from their position, even during the vibrating process. 

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