How To Stop Spacers Breaking Your Waffle Pod Concrete Slab

Engineering design indicates that slab reinforcing mesh be positioned in a way so that a specified amount of concrete cover be achieved. Incorrect concrete cover can cause a variety of issues including severe concrete cracking and structural problems. That’s something which any construction veteran will know must be avoided. Using

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Steel reo bar cylinder

Using Spiral Ligatures To Create Circular Steel Cages

Any construction worker is familiar with the importance of steel cages and the role they play in reinforcing concrete. But when should you use spiral ligatures instead of circular ones? What is a spiral ligature? Spiral ligatures are basically a giant slinky which can be extended out to create a

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What Is The Benefit Of Steel Prefabrication?

In the construction industry efficiency means the difference between completing the job on time, or potentially delivering the finished build later than expected and over budget due to added site costs. The problem is that the construction site is a dynamic environment where things don’t always go to plan. What

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When It Comes To Steel, Don’t Bin The Higher Priced Quote

When evaluating quotes for your next residential or commercial steel project, don’t be too quick to disregard the higher priced quote. Especially if there’s a significant price difference. There’s usually a reason why one steel supplier is charging more, and it usually doesn’t have anything to do with their desire

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