Ancon Bar Couplers

Ancon bar couplers are used to join two pieces of steel reinforcing bar together in order to avoid creating overlap joins within the concrete structure.

They come in a variety of designs including parallel threaded couplers, and mechanically bolted couplers which are suitable for a wide variety of project requirements on the construction site.

Parallel threaded couplers are ideal for reinforcing projects where there’s a need for a high volume of steel bar couplers.

Mechanically bolted couplers however are beneficial when you want to use couplers, with reinforcing steel bar which hasn’t already been prepared with threading. It can be used with regular reinforcing bar “as is” without any additional modification.


Ancon bar couplers

Benefits Of Ancon Bar Couplers

Why Ancon Bar Couplers Are So Effective

Bar couplers can be used to join together pieces of steel reinforcing by using threaded coupling joints which screw together to create a firm connection between two pieces of steel reinforcing bar.

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