Slab On Ground Chairs

Slab on ground chairs helps place the mesh and reinforcement bar in the correct position in deep concrete slabs, building foundations, soft sand buildings, concrete roadways and other concrete-to-ground applications.

They are usually referred to as SOG bars and are a better replacement for metal bar chairs. They are also available in various sizes to suit different mesh and bar diameters for civil and commercial applications. 

Deformed reinforcing bar

Benefits Of Slab on Ground Chairs

Why Slab On Ground Chairs Are So Effective

Slab on ground chairs are easy to use, lightweight and serves as a great economical option. Manufactured from high-quality plastics, they do not pose any threat of rusting. Their sturdy and flat base eliminates the need for separate bases and hence saves a lot of time.

The easy clip-on mechanism ensures that the mesh and bars stay in place. Most importantly, they leave no void under the bar or mesh during the concrete pour.