Nurail 40-55

The NuRail 40-55 is a reinforcing mesh spacer used in the residential building industry. It offers consistent and stable support for reinforcing mesh when using a polystyrene waffle pod system. Its unique design allows the positioning of mesh with appropriate spacing and helps maintain the correct concrete cover for the pour.

NuRail 40-55 allows builders to confidently place waffle pod slabs in compliance with all engineering specifications which are required in residential building projects. It also enables the builder to achieve proper concrete cover without causing any damage to polystyrene pods.

Benefits Of the NuRail 40-55

Why Nurail 40-55 Is So Effective

The industry-leading design of the NuRail 40-55 is what makes it so apt for all residential building projects. With two heights available (40mm & 55mm) you can safely place 85mm & 100mm thick waffle pod slabs using the NuRail 40-55.

The large aperture design of NuRail 40-55 also helps to remove any air gaps in the concrete and ensures a uniform concrete layout. 

The flat design of the product enables the rails to sit flush on the foam pods which provides consistent cover and weight dispersal, while anchoring spikes resist any movement while placing the mesh on it.

NuRail 40-55 Product Specifications

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