Waffle Pod Suppliers

Waffle Pods are an efficient way to create concrete slabs by increasing the speed of construction, and reducing the cost of creating the slab.

Waffle Pod concrete slabs use form void fillers to create the main volume of the concrete slab. Concrete is then poured around the foam pieces to form the concrete slab.

This results in a significant reduction in the amount of concrete which needs to be used in order to form the concrete slab. 

Placing waffle pods into position is also much faster than digging trenches required for the footings in a conventional slab, not to mention that you can also pour your entire concrete slab in one single pour.


Benefits Of Waffle Pods

  • Faster construction of concrete slabs
  • Lower cost concrete slabs
  • Reduced logistic issues
  • Ease of construction using polystyrene waffle pods
  • Formed on a flat building pad
  • Completed slab in one concrete pour
  • No need to dig trenches for footings

Why Are Waffle Pods So Effective?

Waffle Pods are a popular choice during construction projects because they allow engineers to create the required strength in the building foundations, with a fraction of the time and resources required to produce a conventional concrete slab.

This means construction projects can be completed faster, and with a lower cost enabling more competitive pricing and delivery.

Stock Sizes of Polystyrene Waffle Pods

Pod Height (mm)

  • 175
  • 225
  • 300
  • 375
  • 525

Dimensions (mm)

  • 1100 x 1100
  • 1100 x 1100
  • 1100 x 1100
  • 1100 x 1100
  • 1100 x 1100

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