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Waffle Pods are an efficient way to create concrete slabs by increasing the speed of construction, and reducing the cost of creating the slab.

Waffle Pod concrete slabs use form void fillers to create the main volume of the concrete slab. Concrete is then poured around the foam pieces to form the concrete slab. This results in a significant reduction in the amount of concrete which needs to be used in order to form the concrete slab. 

Placing waffle pods into position is also much faster than digging trenches required for the footings in a conventional slab, not to mention that you can also pour your entire concrete slab in one single pour.

Benefits of Waffle Pods

Faster construction of concrete slabs

Lower cost concrete slabs

Reduced logistic issues

Ease of construction using polystyrene waffle pods

Formed on a flat building pad

Completed slab in one concrete pour

No need to dig trenches for footings

Why are Waffle Pods so effective?

Waffle Pods are a popular choice during construction projects because they allow engineers to create the required strength in the building foundations, with a fraction of the time and resources required to produce a conventional concrete slab.

This means construction projects can be completed faster and with a lower cost, enabling more competitive pricing and delivery.

Polystyrene Waffle Pods available for order

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Dimensions (mm)

1100 x 1100

1100 x 1100

1100 x 1100

1100 x 1100

1100 x 1100

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What are Waffle Pods?
Waffle pods, also known as waffle slab systems or waffle raft slabs, are a modern and efficient method of constructing concrete slabs for residential and commercial buildings. They consist of a grid of reinforced concrete ribs separated by polystyrene void formers, creating a waffle-like structure.
Why should I choose Waffle Pods for my construction project?
Waffle pods offer several advantages, including reduced concrete usage, improved thermal insulation, faster construction times and increased durability. They are a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to traditional concrete slabs.
How do Waffle Pods save on concrete usage?
The void formers in waffle pods reduce the overall volume of concrete required for a slab. This not only saves on material costs but also minimises the environmental impact associated with concrete production.
Do Waffle Pods provide better thermal insulation?
Yes, waffle pods feature insulating properties due to the polystyrene void formers, which help maintain a more stable indoor temperature. This can lead to reduced heating and cooling costs for the building.
Are Waffle Pods suitable for all types of construction projects?

Waffle pods are versatile and can be used for various building types, including residential homes, commercial structures, and industrial facilities. They are particularly beneficial for projects where speed and efficiency are essential.

Can Waffle Pods support heavy loads?

Yes, waffle pods are engineered to support heavy loads, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. They are designed to distribute loads evenly across the structure, ensuring stability and strength.

Are Waffle Pods environmentally friendly?
Waffle pods contribute to sustainability by reducing concrete consumption and energy usage. They also help prevent soil compaction and minimise site disturbance during construction.
Do Waffle Pods require special installation techniques?

While waffle pods are relatively easy to install, it is essential to follow manufacturer guidelines and work with experienced professionals to ensure a successful installation. Neumann Steel can provide guidance and support throughout the installation process.

Are Waffle Pods cost-effective in the long run?

Yes, Waffle Pods may have slightly higher upfront costs compared to traditional slabs, but the long-term benefits, including energy savings and reduced maintenance, often outweigh the initial investment.

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