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Can I cut Waffle Pods to allow for services and slab designs?

If you’re using waffle pod slabs for your next construction project, you need to know what you can and can’t do with them.

For most building projects, custom fabrications need to be made so your new building can run properly.

The good news is waffle pod slabs are very versatile, enabling you to make any adjustment you need.

Cutting or modifications may need to be made in several instances with new construction.

To learn more about the customisation options available when using waffle pod slabs, continue reading.

Cutting Waffle Pods for services and various slab designs

Concreters make incisions into waffle pod void formers to make way for vital infrastructures like pipes, gas lines, sewerage and plumbing.

The primary difference is that waffle pod slabs aren’t installed with trenches like conventional slabs. Instead, waffle pod slabs are cast on void formers.

In some instances, you’ll need to cut the void formers if they don’t fit in the allotted space in your foundation.

Concrete pouring services

But, if you make a cut into your void formers, you’ll likely fill the holes with concrete. As a result, your building costs will increase so keep this in mind.

You’ll need to consider something else before cutting your void formers. Cutting void formers may compromise their structural integrity. You’ll want to consider this before making any significant cuts in your waffle pod slab void formers.

Configuring your building correctly

Use both the structural and architectural plans of your building when making cuts in the waffle pod slab.

Doing so enables you to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Mistakes which can become very expensive down the line.

As long as you pay close attention and take your time, you shouldn’t have any problems.

People also ask

Q: Can I make modifications to Waffle Pod slabs?

A: Yes, you can make specialty cuts and modifications to waffle pod slabs. Just make sure you do not compromise their structural integrity.

Q: Is it safe to cut Waffle Pod slabs?

A: Yes, it’s generally safe to cut waffle pod slabs as long as you do not compromise their structural integrity.

Q: Does cutting Waffle Pod slabs sacrifice structural integrity?

A: Yes, in some instances, making incorrect modifications can impact the structural integrity of your waffle pod slab.


We’ve covered the basic facts and information you need to know about cutting waffle pods. If you have any further questions regarding the correct installation of your waffle pods, call our expert team today!





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