Tie Wire

Tie wire, also called handy coils, are accessories made from annealed steel. They are used for tying and binding applications in construction projects. The reinforcement bars and mesh need to stay in position during the concrete pour and tie wire does the job effortlessly.

They help in tying and binding reinforcement bars and mesh to maintain the structure solid and intact. Moreover, they offer further support to other accessories like chairs and spacers. Tie wire comes in a 1.57mm diameter size, suitable for reinforcement bars and mesh of varying sizes. 

Tie wire

Benefits Of Tie Wire

Why Is Tie Wire So Effective

Tie wire has such great tensile strength and flexibility, allowing easy and effective knots without breakage. One of the main advantages is they are available in different types like black, galvanised and stainless steel to best suit your needs. For instance, galvanised tie wire is suitable for extreme weather for their unmatched strength and corrosion proof properties. 

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