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Will I use less Reinforcing in a Waffle Pod or Regular Slab?

When constructing a new building, it’s crucial that you reduce costs wherever possible for your client.

One of the most important phases in any new construction process is the formation of the foundations.

Creating a solid foundation for your building requires a solid, steel reinforced slab.

Overall costs are dependent on the materials used in construction, it is possible to reduce the amount of the cost of materials used when installing a slab.

Different methods of constructing the slab impact the amount of reinforcing steel that will be required.

Do waffle pods use less reinforcing steel compared to regular slabs?

Yes, in most cases, waffle pod slabs require less reinforcing steel and concrete than conventional concrete slabs.

But it also depends on the design of the slab.

Pouring concrete slab less reinforcing

Waffle pods in general, require less reinforcing steel and concrete than a traditional slab as they don’t require trenches.

The open space created by dug trenches requires reinforcement by steel to create stability.

Since waffle slabs are cast on flat ground, there is no requirement to excavate trenches and fill them with steel and concrete, ultimately saving you money in materials and excavation costs.

How to reduce the amount of reinforcing steel you use

You can reduce your usage of reinforcement steel and concrete on your next project by engaging your steel reinforcement supplier early in the project stages.

People also ask

Q: Which slab is better waffle pod slab or raft slab?

A: Raft slabs may perform “better” than waffle pod slabs under specific site conditions. Such as, if the site has poor drainage, soft soil, or a sloping site.

Q: What is the difference between a raft slab and waffle slab?

A: Raft slabs are cast onto the ground and waffle slabs are cast on void formers.

Q: How does a waffle pod slab work?

A: Waffle slabs use void formers with spaces between which form concrete ribs giving the slab strength. When the slab is prepped with these spaces between each void former, it resembles waffles. Hence the name “Waffle Pod”.


The type of slab chosen impacts overall building costs. To save on materials costs when building a slab, consider using a waffle pod slab instead of a conventional slab.





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