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Why use Bag Ties instead of Tie Wire?

Rebar is used for strengthening concrete, in foundations and other structures like walls, etc. The rebars are then tied together, using either tie wire or bag ties, so that they stay in place. Though they do not contribute to structural integrity, it ensures the proper position of the reinforcement. 

There are various types of ties that can be used when securing reinforcement bars when pouring concrete. The most useful are “Bag Ties” or “Tie Wire.”

Tie Wire

Tie wire is made of annealed wire and is widely used in tying reinforcement bars and reinforcing mesh. It has high tensile strength and is the most commonly used product for tying reinforcement.

Tie wire comes in 1.57mm diameter and various materials such as black, galvanised and stainless steel. They are relatively easy to use and convenient.  Furthermore, tie wire is durable and has a long shelf life. 

Construction worker hands securing steel bars with wire rod for concrete

Bag Ties

Similarly, bag ties are also made of annealed wire and are used for tying reinforcement bar and reinforcement mesh. They are made of soft annealed wire that is pliable, easy to twist yet tough and hard to break. With loops on both ends, they allow for easy and fast fixing. 

They are available in large quantities and different sizes. 

Bag Ties vs Tie Wires

Bag ties are easier and quicker to use when compared with tie wires, especially with a metal hook tool. 

On the downside, they are more expensive than tie wire and aren’t available in belt packs used on large scale projects.

Bag ties are widely used in pool construction, mainly because their ease of use allows for quicker construction than standard tie wire. 


Every reinforcement bar that provides strength to concrete is held together in place with either tie wire or bag ties.

Tie wire can be challenging to install compared to a bag tie that is easier to install on small scale projects.





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