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Tools necessary for Steel Fixers

Reinforcing Steel is used in concrete to provide additional strength to foundations and other masonry structures.

Steel Fixers work with the rebars (Steel Reinforcing Bars), installing and tying them together before the concrete is poured. 

To increase efficiencies, specialised tools and machinery are often used to secure the rebars, so that they fit in place.

If you are a Steel Fixer, you may need the following tools in the course of your job;


Knips, otherwise called Nippers, are used by Steel Fixers to cut wires that tie the rebars together. 

Knips are generally made from high-grade steel that is hardened and tempered.

The head is smooth with sharp cutting edges suitable for twisting and cutting soft, medium or Hard Binding Wire and Tie Wire used on Reinforcing Bar. 

Tie Wire Reels 

Tie Wire Reels hold the wire that ties the rebars together.

It is also an economical and cost-effective method of installing Tie Wire.

“The tools they use should be efficient enough to make the job easier. “

The reels ensure that the wire flows freely so that the steelworker can just concentrate on their task without worrying about wires getting tangled. 

The reel itself is compact and lightweight enough to be worn on the Steel Fixer’s belt, which helps to keep the wire under control, without anything coming loose.

Hand Twister Rod Tie Tool 

A Hand Twister Tool is a hook-style tool that helps a Steelworker bend and fixes Rod Ties in concrete applications so that the rebars do not move when the concrete is poured.

Typically used by pool builders, the device has a hook at one end and a rubber grip on the other side for an easy grasp.

Antique tools and toolbox on dark wood surface

Spiral Action Rod Tie Tool

The Spiral Action Rod Tie tool uses a smooth spiraling action to help bind rebars tightly together.

This tool uses a push-and-pull action to engage the spiral action.


Having a clear understanding of the tools available is vital for Steel Fixers and can greatly accelerate their progress when moving reinforcing steel into place.

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