Drawn Wire Suppliers

Drawn wire is a product typically used to produce reinforcing steel mesh, but it can also be used when producing precast concrete slabs and prefabricated steel reinforcing cages.

Other uses include to produce dowel jointing systems or to create ligatures to secure sections of reinforcing steel together.

It can be either ordered by the spool for use in a manufacturing environment, or in straight lengths specified by the customer or engineer.


Benefits Of Drawn Wire

Why Drawn Wire Is So Effective

Drawn wire is a smaller diameter than regular deformed reinforcing steel bar which means it is ideal for uses that require only light reinforcing products or needs to wrapped around a reinforcing steel cage. 

Prefabrication of concrete structures and rapid construction of pile cages are just a few ways that drawn wire can be used to accelerate construction.

Product Certification

ACRS certified in accordance with AS/NZS 4671: 2001


Common Stock Spools of Drawn Wire

Product Code

Wire Size (mm)


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