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Swimming pools need to be reinforced with steel bar to ensure strength and durability over time. The steel reinforcing bars are mounted in two directions on plastic-tipped steel bar chairs, which extend along the basin before concrete is poured. However, the correct type of steel rebar is needed to guarantee a quality build and a durable pool with a long lifespan.

Neumann Steel’s swimming pool reinforcing bar is made in Australia with Australian steel. And most importantly, it’s compliant with AS/NZS 4671:2019 for your peace of mind. Our 12mm diameter D250N Grade rebar is available in stock and is the highest strength for reliable swimming pool construction.

Benefits of Swimming Pool Reinforcing Bar

  • High strength
  • Easily bent on site
  • Flexibility of design
  • Flexibility during construction

Australian Steel Swimming Pool Reinforcing Bar

As structures prone to cracking, leaking, and being under extreme pressure, using a specially formulated, high-strength reinforcing steel bar for your pool is critical. These are just some of the benefits of pool construction that our D250N-grade swimming pool reinforcing bar offers.
  • High strength
Considering how much pressure the average swimming pool is under and how much ground movement can impact it, it makes sense to use a specialised rebar fit for the job. Our swimming pool rebar will reinforce the concrete for these unique conditions, meaning your pool has a much longer lifespan.
  • Easily bent on-site
Before construction, the swimming pool rebar can be cut and bent on site. This also reduces construction time, as there’s no need to pre-cast large sections of the foundation before pouring concrete.
  • Design flexibility
A huge benefit of using swimming pool rebar, is how easy it is to work with. Regardless of the shape or unique plan of a pool, the natural flexibility of the rebar means it conforms more efficiently, giving the builder the freedom to be innovative in their designs.
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Why is Swimming Pool Rebar So Effective?

As a necessity for pool construction, making the right choice in reinforcement is critical. Although some builders may use regular reinforcing steel bar to build a concrete pool, it’s generally not recommended. As a swimming pool has distinctive requirements and must withstand extreme pressure, you need the resiliency and durability of a specially manufactured pool rebar.

Swimming pool rebar is essential when building a concrete pool to prevent the concrete from cracking once the pool is filled with water. It provides superior tensile strength and can withstand ground movement and pressure from the water within it because it’s so flexible.

Another reason for rebar’s popularity with swimming pool reinforcement is that it has similar expansion properties to concrete. So, as temperatures adjust and impact how the concrete expands and contracts, your swimming pool rebar does the same. This means less chance of cracking or being affected by the pressure of ground movement.

When laid for a pool framework, this steel rebar is arranged in a grid pattern. And thanks to its flexibility, this can be done to suit even the most innovative shapes and designs.

Although you won’t see the rebar at work once the concrete has been poured, it’s playing a vital role in your swimming pool. Thanks to the combination of concrete and this specialised steel, you’re guaranteed a pool with the highest tensile strength.


Our Selection of Swimming Pool Rebar

As an industry leader in manufacturing and supplying reinforcing bars, Neumann Steel has everything you need to build a robust and reliable swimming pool. Our D250N swimming pool rebar selection range features the two most common stock sizes and has been specifically formulated for swimming pool construction. They include:

  • S12/6 – 181 bars/tonne, 6,000mm length
  • S12/9 – 120 bars/tonne, 9,000mm length

One of the most significant benefits of swimming pool rebar is its flexibility, with most customers preferring to cut and bend it on-site. However, Neumann Steel can assist with its preparation if requested and is happy to help you find a solution that suits the requirements of your job.

Depending on the planned location of your new pool, the surrounding soil, potential loads, and anything else that can impact your swimming pool rebar requirements, we’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

Neumann Steel For Your Next Pool Project

Planning on building a pool and need the guarantee you’re working with the best steel for the job? Neumann Steel’s swimming pool reinforcing bar range is up to the task. For a technical or design discussion, submit an enquiry via our contact page.
Product Certification
ACRS certified in accordance with AS/NZS 4671:2019
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