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Stock straight reinforcing bar, commonly known as a reinforced steel bar or rebar, is a standard, straight-form reinforcing steel bar that comes in stock lengths of 6 metre, 9 metre, 12 metre and 15 metre lengths. It is manufactured and supplied in a straight form and can be shaped or bent on-site. Stock Straight Bar is available in large quantities as deformed reinforcing bar or round reinforcing bar.

Stock straight bars are readily available, making it the preferred reinforcing bar product for residential builders. Using stock lengths of reinforcing bar means that building can progress rapidly without waiting for custom steel specifications to be processed and delivered to the job site. This reduces slowdowns caused by longer lead-times and ensures the project is completed on time and on budget.

To determine whether this bar type suits your upcoming project, explore its typical applications and advantages.

reinforcing bar

Stock Straight Steel Bar

Can be cut to size and bent on-site

Readily available in large quantities

No need to wait for custom order lead-times

Allows for continuous progress of the project

What is a stock straight reinforcing bar?

Reinforcing steel is commonly called upon when a concrete project needs added strength. Although concrete can be tough on its own, using a reinforcing bar improves it even more and gives further integrity to the concrete surrounding it.

Stock straight reinforcing bars come in various specifications, including a variety of lengths and diameters. For example, an N12 bar is a 12mm diameter deformed steel rod and one of the most common sizes. Traditionally known as a Y12, the technology and construction used to manufacture the bar were improved, creating a stronger one known today as an N12 bar.

At Neumann Steel, we can help you assess which length and diameter of reinforcing bar is suited to your project, including whether an N12 bar is the right choice.

Why Stock Straight Reinforcing Bar is so effective

As the name suggests, a reinforcing bar is typically used to reinforce the strength and tension of concrete. Whether it’s a stock straight rebar or one that’s been cut and shaped, it offers many advantages.

  • Pliability. Reinforced steel is available in stock bars, but they can be shaped and bent as needed, so they’re suitable for various applications.


  • Strength. As a robust building material, reinforcing steel adds tensile strength and compression. Concrete can be weak in tension, so reinforcing steel is integral in construction.


  • Compatibility with concrete. Stock bars are designed with ridges or bumps on them, and this helps them to bond with concrete.


  • Recyclable. Once projects are complete and the reinforcing bars are no longer needed, they can be recycled and used for other purposes.With clear advantages over other materials, it’s no surprise that reinforcing bars and N12 bars, more specifically, are commonly used in construction.

Typical applications for a stock straight bar

As an easily adaptable and tensile strengthening component, you’ll commonly find reinforced bars of all sizes in many industries. Here are just a few applications where a reinforcing bar can be valuable.

  • Transport
    Stock straight reinforcing bars can be used to construct railways, bus stops, and other public transport structures.


  • Construction
    The most common use for a steel reinforcing bar is the vertical and horizontal reinforcement of masonry walls, and for house and factory slabs. Major projects like hospital and stadium builds may use it sometimes, but it’s more commonly seen in residential projects, including house builds and retaining walls.


  • Natural energy
    Reinforcing steel is commonly used in natural energy projects, including wind farms and large-scale solar. Additionally, the sustainability of these bars and the fact that they can be recycled adds to their suitability for this type of project.
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How Neumann Steel can help

As one of Australia’s leading steel manufacturers and suppliers, Neumann Steel can ensure you get the correct steel for the job. And if it’s an N12 reinforcing bar you need, we can help.

Need something more than the reinforcing bar we have in stock? We can cut and bend the bars, from the simplest shapes to three-dimensional designs, to suit your specifications.

Our helpful and expert team are committed to setting the highest standards for the products we manufacture and the service we deliver. As trusted suppliers and manufacturers of certified concrete reinforcing products for all kinds of industries, we understand the unique needs of our clients and adapt our range to suit them.

The right reinforcing bar for your next project

Whether it’s an N12 bar or another type of reinforcing or deformed rebar you need, Neumann Steel can assist. For a technical or design discussion, submit an enquiry via our contact page, and our expert team will be in touch.

Product Certification

ACRS certified in accordance with AS/NZS 4671:2019

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