ReBox Systems

Rebox® is a prefabricated connection system for steel reinforcement that allows for seamless and rapid continuity of concrete reinforcement across construction joints.

The Rebox system is a new steel reinforcement product that is made up of Grade 500 steel. The steel is cut and bent to fit the specific requirements of the project, then assembled in a galvanized steel casing. The casing is ready for installation once it arrives at the construction site.

ReBox systems

Benefits Of ReBox Systems

Why ReBox Systems Are So Effective

Installation of Rebox is a straightforward process. The contractor fixes it directly to the formwork shutter or ties it to the steel reinforcement at the location of the desired connection. Once it is in place, the concrete can be poured.

Rebox® is a one-of-a-kind material that is tailored and created to totally blend and follow the surface where it will be utilized, resulting in no site cutting or waste.

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