Contistretch Coils Suppliers

Contistretch Coils are continuous coils of 500 MPa reinforcing steel which are manufactured in preparation for further processing by retail processors.
Steel contistretch coils are used by a variety of reinforcing processors for any number of industrial, commercial, residential or retail products. The steel coils are available in a variety of grades to suit any application.

Benefits Of Contistretch Coils

  • Available in stock
  • Available in a variety of grades
  • Used for fast and efficient rebar production
  • Large coils require less changeovers
  • Limited scrap steel

Why Contistretch Coils Are So Effective

Contistretch Coils are an efficient way for processors to purchase large volumes of steel, giving the ability to apply further manufacturing processes in order to produce a final product.

Contistretch coils are used with special machinery to produce rebar at a fast rate with limited scrap steel. The large coils available mean less changeovers on machinery and a more efficient manufacturing plant.

Product Certification

ACRS certified in accordance with AS/NZS 4671: 2001


Stock Contistretch Coils

Product Code

  • N12CONTI-4T
  • N16CONTI-4T
  • N20CONTI-5T

Bar Type

  • N12
  • N16
  • N20


  • 4 t
  • 4 t
  • 5 t

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