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Should I use Custom Mesh or Standard Mesh?

Steel reinforcing mesh is a common requirement for many construction projects. It supports the concrete, provides structural integrity for the project and extends the life of the concrete much more than it would without the steel mesh. 

There are several standard options when it comes to mesh sheets. Let’s review the two types of mesh; custom mesh and standard mesh.

Custom Mesh vs Standard Mesh

Both custom mesh and standard mesh are reinforcing steel mesh sheets used to give the concrete extra strength. 

The standard size of a mesh sheet is 6.0m x 2.4m. Though the dimensions work well for your typical construction jobs, they will not work for all projects.

Here’s where custom mesh comes into the picture. 

Custom Mesh

Custom mesh is a reinforcement steel mesh made to specifications for large projects involving oddly shaped structures.

In this case, the contractors have their reinforcing steel mesh sheets cut and bent according to their requirements in an offsite location. 

The prefabricated sheets are then transported to the construction site, therefore minimising disruption to the ongoing project.

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Should I use Custom Mesh or Standard Mesh?

If standard mesh sheets have to be cut and/or bent to fit the project there will be additional labour costs.

For large quantities of cut and bent mesh, you require a large amount of labour on-site, resulting in high labour costs and delays on-site waiting for the work to be completed. 

This drives up costs significantly, and may increase the total cost to complete your project. 

When there is a large number of custom mesh sheets required, it may be cost-efficient to have your mesh cut and bent off-site by your reinforcing steel supplier. 

This will decrease the need for onsite labour and speed up the timeline of your construction project, in turn saving you money.

Quality control is also a benefit of having your mesh cut and bent by your reinforcing supplier. A controlled manufacturing environment has many advantages when compared to a busy construction site, including regular quality checks on your product.


Custom mesh and standard mesh are different types of steel reinforcing mesh sheets. They both start as the same product, except custom mesh is then further manufactured according to custom specifications. 

Essentially there will be a point where the scale of the construction project simply means that having custom mesh prefabricated and delivered to the site will be more economical than having to cut and bend standard mesh sheets on-site.

Talk to our team today if you need help figuring out the most efficient type of reinforcing mesh to use in your project.





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