Our Values

Zero Harm

The well-being of our workforce is paramount. We are committed to our vision of zero harm, including zero instances of work-related ill-health, by providing training to our teams but also empowering personal accountability throughout.

Our People

At Neumann Steel everyone is welcome and everyone matters. It is in our interest to create a culture that is rewarding, inclusive and inspires – working to the principal that everything we do adds value.


Family owned and operated, Neumann Steel retains a people-first philosophy. Demonstrating the true family nature at the heart of the company, and a dedication to supporting the local community.


We pride ourselves on our service to others. Our employees, our customers and extended business network. We work hard to develop lasting relationships and delivering quality projects collaboratively in a spirit of openness and honesty.

Growth & Innovation

Vital to our business’ ongoing success, we believe diversity drives innovation and operate an open-door policy to group discussions, customer feedback and staff input to develop the new and improve the old.

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