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How many Bar Chairs do I need for a Waffle Pod Slab?

Various builders, contractors and construction companies use bar chairs in multiple applications.

Bar chairs are a tool that helps hold reinforcing mesh in the correct position.

Bar chairs are essential to ensure the correct amount of clear coverage of the reinforcing bar, this will determine the number of bar chairs required. Failure to achieve this will impact the structural integrity of your foundations.

Bar chairs

Various steel applications use bar chairs; waffle pod slabs rely on bar chairs to maintain structural stability.

Bar chairs also work for applications that involve on-ground slabs, retaining wall footings with metal bases, suspended slabs and many more.

Bar chairs are supplied in bags of 20, 50 and 100 all depending on the size of the chair.

How many Bar Chairs do I need for a Waffle Pod slab?

To determine how many bar chairs you’ll need for a new waffle pod slab, requires some calculations.

First, divide the length of your slab’s perimeter beam by 1.2; this will give you the total amount of trench mesh chairs required.

Waffle pod slab with bar chairs

Next, you need to multiply the number of waffle pods by 4 to calculate the total number of bar chairs that you’ll need for your project.

Essentially you need to have 4 bar chairs for every waffle pod in your slab.


Bar chairs assist in holding the steel reinforcing in position and decreases the chance of movement during the concrete pour. Therefore, installing the correct amount of bar chairs will ensure that the concrete coverage specified by your engineer is achieved.

People also ask

Q: How long do Bar Chairs last?

A: Most bar chairs are made of plastic which means they won’t corrode and will definitely last long enough for the concrete slab to be poured.

Q: What is a Waffle Pod slab?

A: Waffle pods are rafts that lay flat on top of your soil; they help secure the foundation of your building. A waffle pod slab is determined by a series of pods laid in a grid pattern (waffle pattern).

Q: Which is better Waffle Pod slab or raft slab?

A: Conventional raft slabs are cast against the ground, they are considered more stable. Waffle pod slabs are suited to sites with very reactive clay soil, they are not suited to sites with poor drainage and other adverse conditions.

Waffle pod slab’s main advantage over conventional slabs is that they are faster and more economical to construct.


If you’re unsure how many bar chairs to use, consult your building engineer to ensure you use the correct amount for the specified plans.

At Neumann Steel, we have specialist estimators, who are available to provide you with a take-off of your building plans if required.





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