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Can you use regular Reinforcing Steel for pools?

Jul 1, 2021

Reinforcing steel, otherwise called rebar or reinforcement steel, is a steel bar or steel mesh used in concrete or masonry structures to increase overall strength. The surface of the bar is often patterned for better bonding with the concrete. 

While concrete is strong in compression, it is weaker in tension. Reinforcing steel is necessary to provide tensile strength to the concrete.

Reinforcing Steel

The most common type of reinforcing steel used in construction is carbon steel. They are typically hot-rolled round bars with deformation patterns. The other types of reinforcing steel are stainless steel bars and galvanised steel bars.

The size of the rebar is dependent on the amount of strength required. The more strength needed, the larger the rebar, which is determined by the designing engineer.

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Reinforcing Steel for pools

Reinforcing steel generally comes in two grades: D250N or D500N.

Standard Pool Steel is D250N. While most builders use this steel, there are instances when they need to use D500N.

So you can use regular reinforcing steel for pools.

However, you are making the job far more difficult than it needs to be if you use regular reinforcing steel to build a pool.

Most pool builders will use swimming pool reinforcing steel and not regular steel reinforcing bar ….

However, you are making the job far more difficult than it needs to be”

As pool reinforcing steel is of higher strength, this ensures durability over time. 

Plus swimming pool rebars are easy to bend, shape and cut on-site, allowing for innovative pool designs.

It also means that there is no need to pre-cast large sections of concrete. 

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