What Type of Projects Use Ute Sized Mesh?

Reinforcing mesh sheets are used to add tensile strength when laying concrete slabs. They are premade steel reinforcement material which are fabricated by welding wires together. 

Traditionally these sheets are large and difficult to carry, let alone lay by yourself. 

You cannot transport them in your ute either due to their size which means a truck is needed for transportation to site. 

On the other hand, ute mesh can be carried on a ute since it measures just 4m x 2m. 

The smaller size also allows easier handling and installation which also makes it ideal for small and tight spaces. 

Steel mesh

Here are a few projects where ute mesh may be more beneficial compared than standard sized steel reinforcing mesh. 

Concreting Walkway or Patio

A walkway and patio is an area which handles a lot of traffic from pedestrians. 

Reinforcing mesh adds strength and prevents cracking of the concrete. 

Since a walkway is a relatively small concrete reinforcing project, it’s likely that using ute mesh will be far more economical rather than trucking in a few sheets of regular-sized mesh.

Residential Concrete Slabs

Residential concrete slabs require additional strength from steel reinforcing mesh. 

If your space is tight with little room to maneuver, you might benefit from a ute size mesh

This may mean that contractors prefer to use ute mesh to make transportation and labour easier. 

Small Concrete Jobs

The smaller size of ute mesh makes it perfect for small concrete jobs like pathways, dog runs, or patios that require a small volume of steel reinforcing mesh. 


As its name indicates, ute mesh is steel reinforcing mesh that is made to fit on a ute without any overhang and measures 4m x 2m. 

The small size of the mesh makes it ideal for smaller concrete construction jobs due to the reduced cost of transportation and easier handling.

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