Using Spiral Ligatures To Create Circular Steel Cages

Any construction worker is familiar with the importance of steel cages and the role they play in reinforcing concrete. But when should you use spiral ligatures instead of circular ones?

What is a spiral ligature?

Spiral ligatures are basically a giant slinky which can be extended out to create a circular frame to attach straight bar to.

They are similar in many ways to rectangular steel cages in that they are both used to create additional strength and stability in concrete structures.

“It’s an ideal solution to maximise productivity and ensure the project finishes on time.”

As the name suggests a spiral cage is formed using a spiral of steel to form the circular structure, and then straight bar is used to create the inner cage.

Benefits of spiral ligatures to create steel cages

It’s a particularly useful method if a concrete pillar is going to be set within a circular hole in the ground since the steel spiral creates a circular cage when stretched out lengthways.

Cages can also be built rapidly on-site using the stock spiral products instead of having to order a custom engineered cage prefabricated for the project. Ligatures and straight bar are then place immediately without significant slowdowns in construction.

Spiral cages can be built quickly and used immediately to avoid unnecessary slowdowns on the building site.

For small runs of circular in-ground pillars, it’s an ideal solution to maximise productivity and ensure the project finishes on time.

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