Should I Use A Waffle Pod Slab Or A Conventional Slab?

All new building projects must go through an organisation and planning phase.

This is typically the first initial stage of any new construction project and commonly used to determine what exact materials will be used during the building process.

The first building material applied to any construction project is typically the foundation.

Commonly called slabs or foundations; there are two main types of slabs in existence: conventional slabs and waffle pod slabs.

Both slab types offer distinct benefits related to building security, ease of set-up, durability, etc.

These factors must all be considered before starting any new building project in order to get the best results for your project.

Below we’ll going to give you a detailed breakdown of how to go about deciding on which slab is suitable for your next building project.

Should I use a waffle pod slab or a conventional slab? 

Waffle pod slabs are relatively new; however, they are very innovative for the commercial and residential building industry.

The main benefit of using waffle pod slabs is that they are drastically cheaper than traditional raft slabs.

Waffle pod slabs use foam void formers to create the volume required for the ground slab.

Foam waffle pods stack

Conventional raft slabs, on the other hand, create the slab entirely from concrete and reinforced steel.

One of the primary differences between traditional raft slabs and waffle pod slabs is conventional slabs require trenches to be dug before installation.

Both provide sufficient durability and reliability when used in the right circumstances.

Choosing the right slabs for your next construction project 

For starters, if you live in an environment with heavy rainfall or abrasive water-related weather conditions year-round, conventional raft slabs may be a better option.

While you save a lot of money by using waffle pod slabs, they may not be suited for sloping ground or soft ground conditions.

Conventional raft slabs do cost more than their waffle pod slab counterparts; however, they can withstand much more over time.

You also need to consider that waffle pod slabs are easier to install than conventional raft slabs.

Which can be a critical factor in choosing between the two if you have a strict project deadline.

People Also Ask 

Q: What are waffle pods used for?

A: Waffle pods are commonly used in the construction of new residential homes, commercial buildings, and as extensions to existing slab infrastructures.

Q: How long does a waffle pod slab take to dry?

A: On average, it takes about seven days for a waffle pod slab to thoroughly dry. While it does take some patience, the wait will be well worth it.


By now, you have a better understanding of the core differences between waffle pod slabs and conventional raft slabs.

By using all the information in this article, you can make an educated decision about which slab is right for your next building project.

Make sure you follow all the tips we’ve outlined in this article, so your next building project can go smoothly with optimal results.

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