How are Waffle Pod Slabs Changing?

Ever seen those piles of foam blocks lined up in a construction site. Would you believe that they are an essential element in building foundations in Australia? 

A waffle pod slab system is a novel way of constructing concrete slabs that provide durability, great strength, and reduce vibration. They rest on-ground rather than in-ground like traditional concrete foundations. 

Waffle Pods

Waffle pods are essentially polystyrene blocks used during construction as void fillers in concrete slabs.

They not only reduce construction costs but also help with insulation too. 

Being lightweight, waffle pods are easy to work with and transport.

However, they also run the risk of being blown away by the wind if not transported and stored correctly.

Waffle pods are placed in a grid pattern with reinforcing steel placed in the space between each pod.

Reinforcing is also placed along the edges and the top of the grid ready for when the concrete is poured.

This means that the entire slab can be produced with far less concrete which is way more cost effective.

Waffle Pod Advantages

The thickness of pods can be varied according to engineering requirements and slab thickness.

Waffle pods allow for the slab to be placed on a flat building pad without the need for trenches, increasing efficiencies on site. 

New Development in Waffle Pod Slabs

The issues mentioned above have led to the development of pods that have several benefits such as NuPod.


NuPod is a revolutionary method of making concrete slabs without the traditional polystyrene pods.

It is made from 100% recycled plastic, making it environmentally sustainable.

NuPods are also stackable & compact so they take up far less space during transport and on site.

NuPods come with in-built interlocking spacers that allow for easy deployment and they lock together, forming a stable and robust grid pattern. 

Their flexible modular system allows them to be broken into individual pods, enabling the builders to create concrete slabs of non-standard design with ease.


If you’re building another foundation slab then talk to us about the benefits of using NuPods instead of traditional waffle pods in your project.

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