Are There Alternatives To Waffle Pods?

Waffle pod slabs are concrete foundation slabs which use polystyrene void formers known as “waffle pods” to fill some of the space in the concrete slab.

The purpose of using waffle pods is to reduce the total volume of concrete required for the slab, primarily to reduce the overall cost.

But you may be wondering if there are any alternatives to polystyrene waffle pods.

Waffle Pod Alternatives

There are several alternative products used as void formers, and regardless of their configuration or style, they all have the same objective.

All the alternatives up until this point have required specialised training for your concreter or have obvious drawbacks when compared to polystyrene waffle pods.

The latest plastic waffle pod option in the market is the NuPod system which has a range of advantages when compared to traditional waffle pods and other slab systems.

Nupod void formers

The key of the NuPod system is its simplicity, and ease of transition from polystyrene waffle pods.


These days the use of void formers is standard when constructing a concrete slab for a building.

They speed up construction and reduce costs, while still enabling the production of a solid concrete slab.

To help you decide between traditional waffle pods and our NuPod system, have a look at our NuPod product page.

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