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Are Waffle Pod Slabs cheaper than Conventional Slabs?

Any new construction requires a solid base like a slab or foundation. Choosing the right foundation for your building is probably the most critical factor in the entire building process. So, you need to select the correct type of slab to form your foundation to ensure its structural integrity.

Traditional raft slabs vs waffle slabs

There are two main types of slabs available for building purposes, waffle pod slabs and conventional slabs. The primary difference between the two is that raft slabs are cast against the ground. On the other hand, waffle slabs are cast upon polystyrene void formers and strips of concrete.

Both of these slab types provide unique benefits and advantages, your choice being determined by the project budget and the site conditions.


Waffle pod concrete slab


Durability, build efficiency and safety are all factors you need to consider before deciding on which slabs you’re going to use. Another critical factor to consider is cost.

Are waffle pod slabs cheaper than conventional slabs?

For starters, waffle slabs cost significantly less than traditional raft slabs. This is one of the reasons why many builders and contractors are opting for waffle slabs instead of regular raft slabs in their new projects. Conventional raft slabs require trenches before installation; waffle slabs do not. Traditional concrete raft slabs also require more time to settle and install overall than waffle slabs.

Waffle pod slabs are innovative because they use polystyrene void formers rated for efficient thermal insulation. They are also very lightweight and much easier install than traditional slabs, reducing the overall amount of labour involved.

These factors generally result in a waffle pod slab being significantly cheaper than a traditional concrete raft slab.


Foam waffle pods stack


Some soil classifications will not permit a waffle pod slab to be placed and this is usually when a conventional slab will be chosen over a waffle pod slab.

A waffle pod slab may not be as cost-effective if the project is in a remote area, where the transport costs for the waffle pod void formers outweigh the cost savings in a typical waffle vs conventional slab comparison.

Getting the most value out of your next building project

When you factor in their reduced cost and ease of installation, you can see why a lot of builders are choosing to use waffle pod slabs where possible. If you’re working on a new building or construction project in a wet environment, you should go with a conventional slab as it is more suited to these conditions.

Choosing between a waffle slab vs a conventional slab

Now that you know waffle pod slabs are usually more economical than conventional slabs, it’s time to make a decision about which one is right for you. If you require any further assistance or expertise regarding the choice between a waffle pod slab and a conventional slab, give us a call or consult with your engineer to determine the best solution for your project.





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