Visqueen Black Plastic

Visqueen black plastic is a polyethylene film used in various construction projects as a vapour barrier and waterproof membrane. It provides protection against moisture, keeping your slab on ground protected from the elements.

Visqueen black plastics are available in 50m rolls in two sizes, 2m wide (V2 or V2HI) and 4m wide (V4 or V4HI). 

Benefits Of Visqueen Black Plastic

Why Visqueen Black Plastic Is So Effective

Moisture is a serious problem, especially when it comes to slab on ground applications. It causes warping, cracking and slab failures. That’s why you need Visqueen black plastic. 

Visqueen black plastics are effective in holding and preventing moisture from penetrating or escaping the specific medium. Since it is highly non-porous, it is an inexpensive solution to protect concrete and ground slabs in construction projects. 

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