Top Deck Chairs

Ensuring the rebars in a reinforced concrete structure are held securely and at their ideal level is crucial to ensuring the stability of a structure. The Top Deck Chair does just that, holding steel reinforcing bars firmly during the pouring process and featuring perfect dimensions for correct concrete cover.

Top deck chairs are typically used for the top mat of steel reinforcing bars in a suspended slab & precast panels. They are available in a wide range of sizes to suit most concrete cover requirements.

Benefits Of Top Deck Chairs

Why Top Deck Chairs Are So Effective

Top deck chairs are the number one choice for precast manufacturers as they provide a large cover with minimum exposure. They do not rust or spread under normal construction loads.

The top deck chairs also provide maximum leg clearance to straddle the bottom layer of reo. The cross bar between the dual support also enables tying the reo with wire for additional support.

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