Dowel Cradle

The PD3™ Dowel Cradle has the tightest deflection control tolerance in accordance with ACI Standards recommendations, which helps to minimize joint spalling and transfer load. It also reduces the risk of restraint and provides the best serviceability result for the slab design by minimizing joint spalling.

When pouring a slab, the wire cage (cradle) acts as both an inclined chair and spacer to ensure that dowels are aligned correctly.

Dowel Cradle

Benefits Of Dowel Cradles

Why Dowel Cradles Are So Effective

With the sleeve gone, you can feel more confident knowing your concrete won’t get crushed by steel. The removal of this plastic also ensures direct contact between these two materials which provides for better control as it eliminates any crush factor from occurring at all—and in turn tighter tolerance than what would be expected if there were no sleeves on plates!

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