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9 Reinforcing accessories to have when working with Rebar

Concrete and steel are the two primary components of the composite material known as reinforced concrete, which is a popular building material. In order for the concrete to function as a singular unit capable of supporting the entirety of the structure, in addition to steel, a number of other concrete reinforcing products and accessories must also be incorporated into the mixture. In this article, we will discuss 9 Steel Reinforcing Accessories to have when working with rebar.

What are Steel Reinforcing accessories?

Concrete Reinforcing Accessories are items used to support concrete structures with steel reinforcement bars (rebar). These accessories include items such as rebar couplers, chairs, ties, and spacers that are used to secure and align the rebar in the proper position within the concrete. They also include items such as galvanised rebar, used to increase the durability and longevity of the reinforcement.

Reinforcing accessories that are used in construction

It is important to invest in the right accessories for construction purposes in the long run. Let’s have a look at some steel reinforcing accessories products that are used for construction purposes:


bar couplers In order to avoid the creation of overlap joins within the concrete structure, two pieces of steel reinforcing bars are joined together using Ancon Bar Couplers. This is done in order to prevent the creation of cracks. They are available in a number of different designs, such as mechanically bolted couplers and parallel threaded couplers, and they are suitable for a wide variety of project requirements that are required on a construction site.


Concrete Spacer Blocks are concrete blocks reinforced with galvanised wire that are designed to withstand significant amounts of weight and pressure. They perform exceptionally well when it comes to holding heavy steel bars in place in advance of pouring concrete.


Bag Ties

Bag Ties are reinforcing accessories products that are used while constructing to secure steel reinforcing bars together and prevent movement when the concrete is being poured. They are also known as rod ties.


Base Plates

Base Plates made of metal, also known as dinner plates, are frequently used in conjunction with chairs made of either plastic or metal in a bar setting. Reinforcing steel can cause the legs of bar chairs to sink into the ground if the ground where the concrete is being poured is particularly sandy or soft.          


Clip-On Bar Chair

When pouring concrete, the mesh and steel bar is held in place with the assistance of combination clip-on bar chairs. These chairs also provide support for the bar. They are made from high-quality recycled materials, and they are constructed to last for a long time while remaining affordable.


CCS Hardseal

Builders adore the use of Concrete Sealers for driveways because they enable the creation of visually impressive spaces by adding extra treatment to the surface of the concrete. Consequently, Concrete Sealers are one of the most popular building materials.


steel mesh slab The use of safety caps helps to reduce the number of injuries that occur on the job site, which enables construction workers to keep up their productivity without increasing their risk of getting hurt.


Metal Barchair   In order to keep the steel reinforcing in place while the concrete is being poured, bar chairs made of metal are used. The most common application for them is in the construction of pools and large slabs that exceed the height limitations of plastic chairs.


nupod isolated Creating concrete slabs with NuPod® void formers is an innovative method that eliminates the need for conventional polystyrene waffle pod foam void formers or other plastic pod systems.   They are produced in Australia using 100% recycled plastic, and have a flexible modular system. Because they can be stacked on top of one another, they only require a little room at the construction site. In point of fact, five pallets hold enough NuPod® to produce a concrete slab that is 200 square metres in area.

Wrapping up

Using steel reinforcing accessories can greatly improve the overall staff experience on a construction project. These accessories can make the process of reinforcing concrete easier and more efficient. They also help to ensure that the reinforcement is done correctly, reducing the need for rework and increasing safety on the job site. By providing your workers with the proper accessories, you can improve their productivity and job satisfaction, leading to a better overall experience for everyone involved. Additionally, steel reinforcing accessories can also help to improve the quality of the finished product, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction. You can consider the above-mentioned recommendations on reinforcing accessories to have when working with rebar.





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