Products Include

  • Reinforcing Steel
  • Rib Wire
  • Reinforcing Bar
  • Barchairs
  • Starter bars, Corner Bars, Dowels
  • Cages and Trench Mesh

We also stock a large range of hardware and accessory items for all aspects of the construction industries.


We have seven Service Centres based in QLD and NSW for retail and trade sales. Each of these Service Centres has a building products division attached for our customers’ convenience.

Builders and Concreters Hardware

Reinforcing products

  • Starter bars
  • Corner bars
  • Bar protection
  • Dowels

Wall products

  • Fully threaded steel rod
  • Starter bolts
  • Nuts, couplers and washers
  • Post supports/brackets

Builders film and tape
Reo ties

Jointing systems

  • Foam expansion jointing
  • Key lock systems
  • Cap interlock
  • Crackajoint
  • Expanda key joint

Concrete products

  • Colour hardener
  • Sealers and solvents
  • Concrete stencils
  • Chemicals
  • Brooms

Concreters tools

  • Floats and trowels
  • Concrete screeds
  • Trowel machines
  • Vee jointer and edgers
  • Handles
  • Concrete vibrator and dive units
  • Bolt cutters
  • Top line tools
  • Reo tie tools

Formwork accessories

  • Bondeck
  • Pecaform

Hand tools
Sledge hammers
Lintel Bars
Safety products

  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Helmets